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Saturday, 8 October 2011


CONGRATULATIONS TO REHAB CHARGER for receiving the EXCENLLENT award for the Competition part of the International Conference for Quality Control Cirlcles held in Yokohama recently.

At KLIA, boarding the train

On the travelator... anxiouslywaiting to board the plane

4 am above the pacific ocean

It rained upon arrival at Narita Airport

Narita Airport

On the LRT with the stewardesses

Our guide

Near tokyo, at the goddes of mercy temple

great view of the Rainbow Bridge, Not checked in yet!!

The schedule of ICQCC

bahagi nametag n bags

the venue

the convention hall for stream e

Maghrib di Yokohama

Yokohama Grand Continental, where we stayed

Breakfast of vegetables and fruits

Rehab Charger getting ready for the presentation on the afternoon

Representative from  nissan company

Effects of the earthquake and Nuclear disaster to factories

Japanese ICC team, presents, A lorry driver presented a quality improvement project in the company he was working for

Driver pun boleh masuk ICC, resent di antarabangsa.... very infotaining presentation

befor presentation, going for a ride on the train, for an experience different from malaysia

buying a train ticket

training in the hotel room to make sure everything goes perfect

everybody has their own roles

team leader giving ideas

even though everybody is tired, but their spirits are always high

Development of icc in Africa

getting ready

The boss, with the paper presentation

happy after presentation

Posing at the rostrum

comments from kak alamiah

prize giving

with the  judge from Philippines

our reward

farewell dinner

flag handing ceremony because the next ICQCC convention will be in Kuala Lumpur 2012

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